About company “Profitex”

Group of companies “PROFITEX” – has been working in the market of equipping public catering facilities, laundries, dry cleaners since 2004. For the years of its operation, the company has rigged hundreds catering facilities, laundries, and dry cleaners in different countries. As of today, the company works in the markets of Europe and Asia, having executed projects in different countries – Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, Belarus, Russia, and Kazakhstan. There are also regional representative offices in Ukraine and other countries. The company renders services of all-inclusive rigging with high-tech equipment to catering facilities, laundries, and dry cleaners. It also has a wide range of professional household cleaning products for laundry and dry cleaners for hotels and restaurants. In addition, we also sell textile fabrics for them.



– We have been working for you since 2004;
– We are present in 7 countries – Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan;
– More than 1,000 executed projects;
– Kitchens – Hilton, Holiday Inn, Lucoil, NSC “Olimpiyskiy” with capacity for 70 thousand people and others;
– Laundries/household cleaning products – Ukrzaliznytsia, Blesk, Bilyi Vedmedyk, Marins Group, Lindström and others;
– Textile fabrics – Accor Group, InterContinental, Rezidor Hotel Group, Fairmont Grand Hotel, Ramada Encore, Standart Chistoty, BleskInCare and others;
– We have 11 representative offices;
– We are official representatives of Electrolux, Modular, Rational AG, Blanco, Winterhalter, Standard Textile… — more than 50 vendors;
– Our own professional project office;
– Our own equipment showrooms;


  • Our own project office;
  • Our own maintenance service. Possibility to maintain virtually any equipment;
  • Our own successful enterprises on the basis of the suggested equipment;
  • Extended guarantee period from Profitex;
  • Training of the employees at the manufacturing plants;
  • Wide range at the storehouse.

Company Profitex, in the framework of cooperation, can offer a wide range of services from consulting to maintenance and post-guarantee service. At your disposal there is also technological design of catering enterprises, laundries, and dry cleaners that is performed by its own project office.


  • Consulting
  • Process engineering
  • Comprehensive fitting out
  • Sales of equipment
  • Delivery/Logistics
  • Erection and connecting of the equipment
  • Delivery of consumable materials
  • Maintenance
  • Delivery of spare parts
  • Personnel training


  • Hotels;
  • Catering facilities;
  • Spa resorts
  • Medical establishments;
  • Sports centers;
  • Shopping malls;
  • Dry cleaners;
  • Laundries;
  • Factories;
  • Petrol stations
    and other facilities.


  • Fitting out of horeca facilities – restaurants, cafes, bars, canteens, communal kitchens, fast food places, pizza places, coffee houses, etc.
  • Fitting out of laundry places – commercial laundries, tunnel laundries, laundromats, mini-laundries, laundries in hotels, medical facilities, at the enterprises, wet cleaners and dry cleaners.
  • Professional textile fabrics – for 3-5 star hotels, spa resorts/boarding houses, medical facilities, fitness and SPA centers. In addition, professional decorative textile fabrics for hotel rooms and restaurants.
  • Professional chemical products – higly effective European chemicals and accessories for laundries and dry cleaners, special substances to take away spots and wet cleaning, feeding system, improving of washing technology, energy saving technologies.


During the recent years of our successful work, the company:

  • Installed laundry equipment for more than 500,000 kg of clothing per day. It corresponds to the needs of about 400 5-star hotels or 250 thousand people.
  • Opened more than 150 cleaning companies;
  • Reached economy of more than 3.5 M liters of water per day, as well as detergents and electric power to heat up this water;
  • Keeps a constant equipment warehouse which is enough to process 1,000 kg of clothing per day;
  • Organized its own enterprises of laundry and dry cleaners, where different laundry technologies and technologies of chemical cleaning have been tested;
  • Accumulated practical experience of organization of the work of the companies and setting up business processes;
  • Elaborated its own system of our clients’ personnel training;
  • Uses energy saving technologies and systems of recirculation and recovery;
  • Encourages financing of energy saving projects;
  • Has its own maintenance service and grants guarantees from the “Profitex” company after the manufacturer’s guarantee has expired;
  • Conducts attestation of servicing specialists;
  • “Profitex” is a permanent service partner of Ukrzaliznytsia;
  • Keeps a constant stock of spare parts amounting at least 100,000 USD;
  • Guarantees fast response of the maintenance service (24/7);
    and many other things.

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